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Medical Guide

It is important that the following medical advisory guide is understood by all potential boxers who wish to join the triumph amateur boxing club.


The following are the most common disorders that will automatically result in failure to pass the initial medical examination:

• Epilepsy
• Eye surgery, including Laser, except squint correction (also very poor eyesight)
• Acuity performed without aids (NO contact lenses, spectacles etc.):

Best eye: worse than 6 / 12 debars
Worse eye: worse than 6 / 24 debars

• Head injury requiring surgery
• Hepatitis B / C or HIV infection
• Insulin dependent diabetes
• Severe asthma
• Sickle cell disease (not Sickle Cell Trait)
• (Females: Breast Implants)

If you have any of the above, you should NOT proceed with Amateur Boxing training, carry out contact sparring or have competitive boxing contests.

General Medical Guide:

- Dental brace: Any boxer wishing to box with a dental brace in situ MUST present a letter completed by the Consultant or Specialist Orthodontic Surgeon who has fitted the brace and ensured that the mouth guard fits the boxer to participate in Amateur boxing contests in accordance with the rules of the ABA of England Limited.

Such a letter is to be completed on the Consultant/Specialist’s personal professional headed notepaper and to be dated and signed by that Orthodontic Surgeon.

It is ONLY with such a fully completed letter that any boxer with a dental brace in situ may take part in sparring or boxing contests.

- Smoking and Alcohol: No sportsman should smoke. Smoking narrows the airways and severely reduces the efficiency of the lungs. It also reduces the amount of oxygen that can be carried in the blood to the muscles and brain, and therefore has serious effects on the level of fitness and exercise tolerance of the boxer.

Taking alcoholic drink in moderation is not harmful, but when a boxer is in training this is discouraged at the Triumph ABC, Amateur boxing is an extremely active sport, and the boxers should prepare in the best conditions possible in which to compete.

- Parent/Guardian/Boxer should be fully aware that Amateur Boxing is a contact sport in which injuries may occur.